poor people on street nigeria.jpgNIGERIANS ARE INDEED SUFFERING AND SMILING

LAGOS NIGERIA, said to be the dirtiest city in the world, has the highest number of unemployed youths, and home to over 15 million nigerians, is it known as the commercial heart of the country and the centre for tourism known for its high tide Atlantic Ocean

Nigeria by record is the most corrupt country in the world today  corrupt political and commercial practices have to do with fraudulent and criminal activities especially the syphoning of funds that are meant for the general populace for one’s aggrandisement only. Right from the beginning, corruption has been a venom that has been killing  the contraption called Nigeria, thats why reputable companies and individuals refrains from doing business with her and her citizens both home and abroad.

The type of politicians who are bunch of criminals, crooks who have in one way or the other indulged in mischievous activities, leaving thousands of underage children hawking pure water, bread, roasted corn, egg and milk yet Nigerians are smiling and dying in pains.

Imagine a country were the poor and innocent are arrested and persecuted while the politicians gets applauds and standing ovation for stealing millions and billions from the people they are ruling yet Nigerians are smiling and suffering in pains.Imagine a country full of injustice in the judiciary system, where the president interferes and decides who to be found guilty or not yet Nigerians are smiling and suffering in pains and no one is talking.

There are no jobs,no electricity,  petrol scarcity is rampant, food prices are extremely high,the youths and labour force are perishing, corruption is at its peak  and the current president is a dulard who seems to be out of idea, eversince he took over power he has never stayed in office for more than 72 hours, if he's not  in Europe or America he will be in the middle east asking for weapons to crush biafrans  while the economy of the country  is in shamble.

A dangerous crisis is ongoing, the currency is falling rapidly, the south east uprising , the killing of biafrans and the shiites, the abduction of Nnamdi kanu, zakzaki and many others trails Buhari even in his sleep.

The River State governoship ReRun have turned bloody between APC and PDP with casualties recorded already on both sides including an Army Major meanwhile the Nigerian Army still battling boko haram in the northeast while the Fulani herdsmen are on murder spree killing everything they set their eyes upon.

Below are photos and video showing the level of poverty in Nigeria.

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Watch below here




Written & Edited by Uchechi Collins

For BiafraToday Writers


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