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Mr Akaeze’s assassination is prominent in the sense that he is a lawyer and has compiled all the necessary Biafra restoration documents for onward submission to the United Nations before the DSS did the unthinkable. Furthermore, in our tradition, it is a taboo to kidnap a king, not to talk of killing him.

Buhari desecrated our culture and defiled our land Several other such serial killings abound but the latest is the assassination of the traditional ruler of Ikeala Ahiaba Autonomous Community in Obingwa Local Government Area in Biafra land, Eze James Nwabekee. We woke up on February 23, 2016 to hear that the DSS assassinated the traditional ruler in the night and injured many members of his family. They rained bullets on him until he died in the pool of his own blood.

We later reliably gathered that his offence was that he told his community members to pray for the release Nnamdi Kanu in line with the wisdom of the courts that have granted him bail. To corroborate the story that the DSS was behind this serial killing, the government has not made any statement with respect to investigation of the killing.

With the established trend of serial elimination of our traditional rulers by the agents of Buhari, Biafrans want to inform Buhari in particular and the international community at large that we will no longer take it lying low if any of our rulers is eliminated henceforth.

This alert became necessary because we have a report of a plot to eliminate Asari Dokubo, the Alabo Edi Ababli of Kalabari. The highly respected traditional stool of Alabo Edi Ababli of Kalabari, established in 1782, is one of the oldest traditional stools in Biafra land and is currently occupied by Asari Dokubo. In the interest of peace, Buhari and his killer squads should neither arrest him in violation of known laws nor assassinate him for any reason.

In as much as the likes of the Emirs are not arrested even when they are implicated in kidnapping and raping of minors for ritual sex and sex slaves, our own traditional rulers should not be arrested or assassinated just because they are Biafrans.

By Oghenevwe Onoriode

Editor,Udeagha Obasi

For UmuChiukwu Writers


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