The ongoing court battle between the indigenous people of Biafra and Buhari lead administration, the DSS (The killing apparatus) and presiding judge Tsoho who was appointed by the Buhari to seat on the case after many have tried and turned down huge offer given to them by the Nigerian government in a bid to buy over their conscience, is now a night mere to all peace loving and freedom fighters, human right organizations and the international organization world over.

And that is what has made me wanting to take a close look at the inconsistent rulings of the case by Tsoho and its evident that he is paid by Buhari not just to jail Nnamdi Kanu but to pervert the cause of justice because evidence has it that he does anything DSS wants him to which means the DSS is running the proceedings not the judge but one will not understand why a judge in his capacity would want to be used by a passing by politician whose tenure of office elapse at the end of four years or more if his mandate is still needed by those who voted for him, than to maintain his integrity and reputation he has built over the years just for the sake of his stomach and for getting that he is not in this world alone .

The inconsistent of judge Tsoho over the case involving Nnamdi Kanu with all the information we are getting shows that there is a hashed plan between the judge and DSS to fake an attack on the way to court, killing Nnamdi Kanu in the process and claim IPOB was trying to snatch him and with temerity to lie to zoo newspapers that’s the reason they refused people entry into the court contrary to judge Tsoho's earlier ruling was because IPOB was planning an attack inside the same court.

Probably we have to refer to the last two court ruling by Tsoho with headline"Judge rejects secret trial"and the second one which says"Witnesses to testify in secret” different judgments on the same issue from the same judge in the same court on two different occasions, what sort of judge is this? And at the end the Nigeria media will be used to disseminate wrong information to the timing population, this judge has erred on points of law is too many to recount thereby making his ruling too abysmal and making mockery of the Nigerian judicial system a laughing stock to the eyes of the international community.

But despite all the gimmicks they are playing, Biafrans dare judge Tsoho, the DSS and Buhari over Nnamdi Kanu and they will see what we are made up with but though they may be in possessions of all the armories but they will never remain the same, And as we wait for the resumption of the case we are in touch with all the secret meetings going on in Lagos and Abuja concerning the struggle for self-determination of Biafra and in due time we will issue a release on it but let no one be deceived about this struggle because this is a new era, no amount of killings and intimidations will halt it. We urge all Biafrans to remain resolute and fearless though the road is tough but at the end VICOTRY shall be ours.



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