Lugard, a British businessman in his research methodology and technique, experimented the three independent regions that made up Nigeria. This experiment in conclusion turn Igbo Biafrans into minority group thus embroiled us in a discriminatory, unequal and clientelistic power relationship with Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba. We are been exploited, expropriated, disempowered, isolated, marginalized and then targeted.

Despite all this, they still hold on till 1967 dawn of a new era. Civil war broke out with Hausa-Fulani and their Yoruba alien firing the first shot in total declaration of war. What was regarded as a civil war was a camouflage. It was a purported attempt to exterminate Ndigbo from the surface of the earth it was an ethnic cleansing a pogrom. Our fathers fought with bare hands, legions were after them, federal might, was after them, Britain was after them, USA illusion, jet fighters was after. They fought and fought for good 2years and half, until they surrender.

After the fight all their currencies in the bank were confiscated, properties ceased. 20 pounds was given to them no matter the amount you have in the bank. The 3RS policy viz reconstruction, rehabilitation and reconciliation was never carried out because Igbo Biafrans are regarded as the minority group. It is foolishness, arrogant and stupidity of Igbo Biafrans that after the civil war in 1970 they went back to northern Nigeria were there property was ceased to continue their day to day business ,forgetting that Hausa Fulani are like a wild bull dog who do not have sense of reasoning except to kill for Islam.

Today, Ndigbo is among the prosperous tribe in a borrowed country called Nigeria. That is why jealous, greed, envy and strive pushes Hausa to be destroying properties owned by ndi Igbo in northern Nigeria, Over 4000 shops with goods worth billions were raised down at Sabon Gari Kano state Question is will Igbo Biafran ready to learn?  They deserve it because this is not the first time, we have a good market and business drive environment here in the East. Nothing on earth should have taken them to a distance state like north.

If Igbo Biafrans refuses to support Biafra restoration let them be ready to meet rivers of blood because after Hausa finished with the destruction of their properties, they will embark on destruction of human lives. Therefore is either Ndigbo return home and build their home or die in a distance northern state why trying to protect their mansions and property. The choice is theirs, a stitch in time saves nine. A productive man pounds on the molter.


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