Amaechi-speaks via mic
Ex-governor of Rivers state and current Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi came into Ugwuocha early this week and has been spitting fire and brimstone over the Rivers state re-run election which will hold on March 19 for the three senatorial districts, 11 House of Representatives and 22 state assembly seats. Amaechi has boasted he has received the mandate of Muhammadu Buhari the African Hitler and the COAS Lt. T.Y Burutai to give orders to the over 10,000 Islamic military personnels deployed specially for the election. He further boasted he will be partying in a night club on the eve of the election because he is sure his political party, All Progressive Congress (APC) will win the election.

Rotimi Amaechi who publicly embarrassed himself and stormed out of a live radio programme of Love 97.7 FM has shown his sheer pride and arrogance as synonymous with members of his political party. Amaechi made a public broadcast which has been on repeat every five minutes in his privately floated radio station, Today 95.1 FM Port Harcourt. In the broadcast he berated the state governor Nyesom Wike for declaring a two-day public holiday before the election day citing the current economic hardship the people are suffering and urge voters to defend their votes. He also reiterated he will be monitoring the election in various polling stations.

I am not personally interested in the election but those who will be willingly to go out to vote definitely knows it is APC lead by Muhammadu Buhari the African Hitler that kept them in the economic hardship they are experiencing and I am sure they will defend their votes as the people of Bayelsa did in the governorship poll. The voters have also not forgotten that Amaechi plundered the state's resources in order to sponsor Buhari's presidential campaign. I advice Amaechi to stick to monitoring his Ubima environs and not move about to various local government during election hours because he is neither a verified security personnel nor an approved election monitor. His attempt to foist Dakuku Peterside as the governor of the state failed just like his quest for Vice President, SGF and Party Chairman Positions. In shame, he narrowly became a minister after Buhari personally lobbied and forced the Senate Chamber to approve him.

Rotimi Chibuike Ameachi in his overzealousness to serve his paymaster and to prove he still has a stake in politics in Ugwuocha has led the Islamic armed forces of Nigeria to continue the extermination of Biafrans in the guise of election security. He may bear a Biafran name but those who were born due to Ese's kind of predicament are clearly known and he is one. Every of his efforts to help Muhammadu Buhari the African Hitler in the continuous subjugation of Biafrans shall be resisted.

By Chima Onyekachi
For Family Writers


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