Chibuike Amaechi

Is only a stupid or blind person that will still argue niGeria is still one or should be as one! When read through some silly statements from northerners, I don't deserve prophet or prophetess to tell me further about the unity of the so called Nigeria.

Just as I chose to pretend as if nothing is incriminating the northerners, still my conscience is urging me to say off some little assuring measures and reasons why niGeria should be PUT APART WITHOUT TIME WASTING!!

So many news agencies has chosen to pretend also (just like I did) over such issues of how a little post that has to do with South, East West and North are being commented upon to show how far we divided ourselves.

Just recently a post from Vanguard online news has such records of statements accredited to northern elites towards  Governor Wike of Rivers States from Ex Governor Rotimi Amaechi:
Vanguard News Wike lacks capacity to govern Rivers – Amaechi

1. Mohd Abdulhamid Misa Misa "wike your days are counted on that seat ,is undermost you wil that seat.APC must rule port by all means"

2. Shola Abayomi "South South people are useless"

3. Hajia Ronke Olubode "This Wike is a real Juju man, see hin criminal face like the people of the other side....I never for once liked him. Shameless smuggled governor. God will judge the supreme court harshly for passing ill verdict over Rivers state governorship election petition tribunal. God bless Amaechi!!!!"

4. Babatunde Semiu "Can u see the face of the governor, I ve neva seen a smile on this man's face before,he is always has blood on his eyes blood sucker ur era will soon end."

5. Lawal Abdullahi Giza "# LION, you are right."

But is quite amazing when their Yoruba counterpart will be Shutting him up with such statement "Ademola Olufemi Farotimi Amaechi talks too much....and most often out of point..."With these and some other related statement then prompts me to ask "if niGeria still a country?" Your answer may be as good as mine. There is no joke about saying niGeria is no longer and will never be one and united country reason because niGeria is not a nation! Do well to restore Biafra and Biafrans their long desired country! Advise is not a curse!

By Prince Richmond C. Amadi



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