Open Letter to Obasanjo and Muhammadu Buhari


I want to start by acknowledging the courage both of you summoned on your both media chat when you revealed to this Biafra generation and the world at large respectively saying that Biafra was (Dead and Buried), it took me a whole time to summon courage to write this open letter to both of you, I am made to understand that both of you spearheaded the killing of the Children of (Biafra) in Owerri Biafra land back in 1967-1970,

Before I go further, I would like to bring to your notice that both of you were the offspring of (Oduduwa and Arewa), while the former head of state whom under his command you committed pogrom against the Biafrans in the name of (Yakubu Jack Gowon) was also an offspring of (AREWA). And I am an Offspring of (Biafra). We were Respectively called and recognized by our various languages, known as (Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa/Fulani), etc.

History stated it clear that the children of (Oduduwa and Arewa) are still very much alive because they were the offspring of (Oduduwa and Arewa), you are homogenous people, the indigenous people of these aforementioned Nations (Oduduwa and Arewa) this is because these children still exist and they both maintained the name, Cultural heritage, tradition/ dynasty of (AREWA and Oduduwa) as you represented. Presently you have (Oduduwa University) there is (MO Oduduwa Radio station), and the there is (AREWA 24) television and (Radio Chanji) in the North. Mr.Obasanjo and Buhari , why is the name (Biafra) causing sleepless night and heart attack to each and every one of you from (AREWA and ODUDUWA Nations) ? Why did Nigeria Government try to close (Radio Biafra)? While Arewa 24, Oduduwa Radio is is up and running? And there is a University names after Oduduwa in Yoruba land? Why can’t you allow the people of (Biafra) go their separate way?

I am sure both of you knew that in the year (1918) precisely 4 years after the amalgamation of the north and south called Nigeria, that the (Ijebu people of Oduduwa Nation) opted out of Nigeria because they claim not to be part of Nigerian, and thousands of them were killed by the British colonial masters ?. also In May, July, August, September and October 1966, Biafran’s were bundled and massacred all over northern Nigeria by the Hausa/ Fulani shouting “Araba- Araba”, meaning secession, My question is this, has any (Biafran) killed and destroyed any property of the (Oduduwa’s or Arewa’s) people in our region or elsewhere in the contraption called Nigeria?

Record says that No Biafran has killed Oduduwa or Arewa people?, you lived peacefully in our hood and bore your children, we offer you love and protection, we buy and trade with your people with peace and harmony,your people go about their ways doing their businesses in our region, but the children of (Oduduwa and Arewa) connived and killed the Children of (Biafra) in hundreds of thousands, in 1945 to be exact, the first catastrophe struck, (Biafran’s) were slaughtered in northern Nigeria by the (Hausa/ Fulani). as a clear expression of their resentment of the amalgamation of 1914. In 1953 the northerners struck again and killed thousands of Biafrans in the north,

Once more Biafran’s were the victims. Nigeria census of 1956 was rigged in favor of the northerners by their British friends who inflated the population figures of the North to the detriment of the South. The pre-independent federal elections were similarly rigged by the departing of British colonial administrators to benefit the North against the South. It was not, therefore, surprising that a few years after independence, Nigeria descended into anarchy chaos, this time again (Biafran’s) were the target, they were chased away from all over Nigeria, as hundreds and thousands of them were murdered in northern Nigeria.

They bruised and battered (Biafran’s) who returned to the safety of their homeland to nurse their wounds, abandoned by the federal government of their country to which they were supposed to belong. A national conference was held in Aburi Ghana under the chairmanship of (General Ankrah), the Ghanaian head of state. Far reaching agreements aimed at keeping Nigeria together, they concluded between (General Yakubu Gowon) presenting Nigeria and (General Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu) representing the people of (Biafra), but in the most arrogant display of power, Nigeria unilaterally annulled those agreements. The (Biafran’s) had no other choice but to declare their independence on May 30th, 1967.

Instead of allowing Biafran’s to nurse their wounds in the peace of their homeland, Nigeria propelled by sheer hatred and arrogance of power, declared a war of aggression against the belligerent Biafran’s. Nigeria wanted the land of Biafra without the people of Biafra and conducted a 3-years genocide war to achieve that purpose. At the end of it all, about 5.2 million different men, women and children were killed in their homeland. Between 1967/70 over 5.2 million of them were massacred because they wanted their sovereignty.

Mr.Obasanjo/Buhari, For the fact that both of you had the effrontery to say that Biafra is Dead and buried is the height of your stupidity, ignorant and cowardice, how can you say a Nation of over 70 million people are dead and buried, I still wonder how many of you that still live with that phantom believe of Biafra being dead and buried, and we have once again asked for the killers of Biafra, if your statement was truth? We the children of Biafra of this Generation led by (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) would like to know the crime (Biafra) our Motherland committed before the sons and daughters of (Oduduwa and Arewa's) descended on us and killed her children, We want to know where you buried Biafra if she was dead?. Could it be that you tried to kill her (Biafrans) due to her enormous wealth and God's given natural mineral resources and talent?

Could it be that without her and her children, the (Oduduwa's and Arewa's) wouldn't have survived? If you look closely at the pictures of the children of Biafra agitating for their freedom worldwide currently, it will show that in your demented brain and deluded mindset of your old fascinated /thought of (Biafra is dead) could be seen as a result of your acute hatred and fearful syndrome of the Biafrans Emergence as a nation of her own?

From the look of things, presently, don't you think that we the Children of (Biafra ) have found the graveyard of (Biafra) and have successfully exhumed her Body, gave her a befitting burial ,Atoned for our sins and moved on to settled with God (Chukwu Okike Abiama) since 2014 at Enugu Our Capital city when we had our first ever (Biafran) Heroes day which (Biafrans) participated on it worldwide, it was marked as the resurrection of the Nation of (Biafra) as we generally mark her birthday on every (May 30th) which we tagged as our heroes day.

And the bones of (Biafrans) you killed and dreamt of being dead and buried is now back to life; this is why you and your cohorts the Hausa/Fulani killers squad are afraid of the Ghost of (Biafra), which is already chasing after each and every one of you around, and at the mention of the name (Biafra) every ODUDUWA/HAUSA/FULANI is Afraid... The Blood of the Innocent (Biafrans) you killed is the main reason the Nigeria progress and Unity is now on a Gunpowder which will explode any moment from now , I would want you to go and check the map of Africa, then try to locate the geographical location of Biafra, you will be surprised that it is exactly at the trigger of a GUN just as the African Map was shaped by GOD which made it had the shape of a GUN.
So once we pull the trigger, all of you shall be consumed.

Can you see the reason nothing I working in Nigeria today?

Take a look at your currency?

Your pride internationally?

Your sports?

Your economy?

Your security?

Your power sector?

Your Education sector

Your Road network

Your investors and source of income?

Take a look at the massive number of looting and embezzlement of public fund

The corruption in the country which both of your are prime suspect of criminality, fraud and looting respectively.

Take a look at what is happening in the North East? Could that be retribution or the ghost chase of those that killed the (Biafrans) and her children in 1967/70?

I won't forget to remind you Mr. Obasanjo of your (Odi massacre in Bayelsa state) in Biafra land back in the year 1999, and I want to remind you of your alliance with the northern Islamist states in Nigeria during your tenure as the president of Nigeria, your hypocrites was seen by the world when you allowed the (11) states in the North to have Sharia law in their various states which started with (Zamfara state) under your watch. The greatest mistake you made which finally came back to the northerners was your command of killing (Yusuf Mohammed) the leader of Boko Haram which has set the country ablaze and over (30,000) thirty thousand innocent people has been killed in the north. Obasanjo I want you to know that the blood of these people killed by Boko Haram is on your head.

Buhari I want you to know that the blood of the ( Shiite Muslims) and (Biafran) peaceful protesters massacred under your command are crying for justice, Release (Nnamdi Kanu) now and give us Biafra or wait to face the Calamity that will befall you and all your foot soldiers in Biafra Land and Nigeria as a whole. It’s clear to every (Biafran) Child and Adult whose history of how their parents and great grandparents were hidden under the carpet since 1914, until the coming of the fearless (Prophet Nnamdi Kanu) through (Radio Biafra) is now made known to all, your divide and rule tactics is no longer working. There is nothing like South/South or South/East we are Biafrans, and so it shall be.

Mr. Obasanjo/Buhari don’t you think that It's a thing of joy for the Biafrans to have know every hidden truth behind the death of their 5.2 million people who were massacred under a heavy bombardment, blockade air, land and sea which brought hunger and starvation to them, The world have seen that it was a well-coordinated act of Pogrom to annihilate the Children of Light (Biafrans) without any crime committed by their parents whom you wickedly killed without mercy. Thank God for (Radio Biafra) and (Nnamdi Kanu).

Now Mr.Obasanjo/Buhari, May I use this media to remind you that we the Children of (Biafra) of this Generation, which you presumed dead and buried, are now on a rampage searching for the killers of (Biafra) our dear parents. And working harder than ever to get our Nation Biafran restored, therefore, no matter the level of arrest and intimidation you applied you cannot subdue us because we have known the truth and we are fearlessly fighting to live as a free people just as God commanded.

May I tell you that we cannot forget the killers of 5.2 million of our parents and children between 1967/1970? .

We don't forgive either should we forget. This struggle is now a global movement, it's bigger than your imagination, and every (Biafran) Baby in her mother's womb cries for (Biafra) Freedom because (Biafra) is an Ideology, and you cannot defeat (Biafra).

The government of the world is now watching carefully and closely,Your tyranny and brutality towards Biafrans is seen and just to remind you that you are gonna attend to your case of Pogrom at the ICC as soon as Possible,As the President of the contraption called Nigeria, the only alternative left for both of you and your Yoruba, Hausa/Fulani oligarchy is to allow Biafrans to go their own separate way and determine their future because Biafra LIVES ON and (Nnamdi Kanu) is our Leader for life.

Any harm on (Nnamdi Kanu) is harm on over 70 million (Biafrans) worldwide, Ask Rochas Okorocha what happened to him at the Chatham House in the United Kingdom, and, this time, we shall fight to finish until (Biafra) is restored.





Written By Opkala Eze Chukwubuikem                                                                                                      Edited & Published By Uchechi Collins                                                                                                        For Biafra Writers


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