Biafrans, Friends, and Well Wishers,

Starting Monday March 7, through Friday March 11, 2016, we shall embark on a second round of calls to the Governments of USA,United Nation and EU about the plight of Biafrans and the inevitability of Biafra restoration and independence.


Please endeavor to make phone calls starting this Monday, from 9 am to 5pm Biafra time (9am-5pm European time) to EU leaders,UN Office At Geneva; and from 3.00PM to 11pm Biafra time (9am to 5pm US time) to US leaders and UN Office At New York. (See complete list below)


Use the following prompts when you call:

“Hello, my name is (--------); I’m calling to appeal to the President (or the relevant government official) to:

1.    Condemn the ongoing massacres, mass burials, mass graves, and crimes against humanity directed at Biafran protesters by the current President of Nigeria;

2.    Tell British Government to stop masterminding the killing of Biafrans and lying to the whole world about Biafra.

3.    Free the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and other Biafrans abducted for exercising their United Nations rights of Indigenous peoples and self-determination.

4.    Support the restoration and independence of Biafra. (Thank you!)


US Gov’t, United Nations Office at New York.  Time to Call (3 pm to 11 pm Biafra Time)

United Nations Secretary General: Ban Ki-moon

+1 212 963 1234

President Barack Obama, White House

+1 202 456 1111

US Congress Direct Number

+1 202-224-3121 & +1 202 225 4361  

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee

+1 202 224 4651

US House Committee on Foreign Affairs

+1 202 225-5021

Republican Majority Leader: Kevin McCarthy

+1 202-225-4000

Democratic Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi

+1 202 225-0100

Republican Majority Leader: Mitch McConnell

+1 (202) 224 2541

US C-span

+1202 737 3220

EU, United Nations Office at Geneva. Time to Call (9 am to 5 pm Biafra Time)

European Parliament (Brussels)

+32 2 28 49013

European Parliament (Brussels)

+32 2281 6111

European Parliament (Strasbourg)

+333 8817 4001

European Parliament (Brussels)

+322 28 42111

United Nations Office At Geneva

+4122 917 4635

United Nations Office At Geneva

+4122 917 1140

United Nations Office At Geneva

+4122 917 2127


Thank you for remaining steadfast

 Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)



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