The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra just arrived the court, his arrival was accompanied by a shout ovation. The court premises are buzzing with hailing Biafrans while the court session is on course. Nnamdikanu and two other defendants wore white attire signifying their purity and innocence, whiter than white and whiter than snow, looking very comfortable and healthy, smiling and returning pleasantries.

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The Federal  government of Nigeria has moved to change the prosecuting counsel from LABARAN to Mr. Idakwor. This move was promptly countered by the IPOB legal team lead by Mr. Chuks Muoma on the following grounds;

The defending counsel San Chucks Muoma countered the defending counsel and gave reasons why he shouldn't be the prosecuting counsel. Reasons:

(1) The prosecuting counsel is a Principle Leader to Dss.

(2)He does not belong to any attorney general office to be a Prosecuting counsel 
(3)By affidavit of investigation, he is a member of the complainants. He cannot be a complainant and prosecutor.

While the counter has been made, the both parties are waiting for the judge to give ruling. The judge just ruled after his assessment, Justice John Tosho ruled that Idakwor can go on as the lead council to prosecuting council while Labaran steps down


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The DSS officer threatened to kill Nnamdi Kanu's Lawyer after he told her to allow the family members of the defendant to come into the court room and witness the trial the DSS threats have sparked speculations that they have been frustrated after the judge turned down thier request for secret trial and also for a masked witness to be brought forward. the trial have been shifted for 30 minutes break.

After much argument and deliberation from the defending lawyer and the prosecuting lawyer on whether the witness should be granted a secret trial, Judge Judge Tsoho who initially ruled out the secret trial has shockingly agreed to a secret trial.

Making his submission, Chuks Muoma (SAN), Kanu’s lawyer, had asked the court to not only discharge his client, but also to order that he should not be rearrested by the DSS.

“I posit that the prosecution is not ready to prosecute the charges against the defendants,” he said.

Judge Judge Tsoho

“My lord with respect, it is very clear that this ‘witness story’ is no longer going to be condoned by this court. They can’t open their case. How long are we going to come here?
“I most humbly urge the court to dismiss this complaint. I urge your lordship to apply the law being section 351 (1) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act.

“The prosecution is not prepared to produce its witnesses. I most humbly apply the charge against the defendants be dismissed. My lord should make an order that they should not be rearrested. I seek a specific order that they should not be rearrested.”
But Mohammed Diri, counsel to the DSS, in his argument, stated that the prosecution was ready to call its witnesses, but asked that they be masked.
“Our witnesses are ready. They will definitely come to this court,” he said.
“We have not told this court that we don’t have witnesses, or that they are not around.
“We are simply asking this court to vary its order. To allow our witnesses to testify behind a screen so that their identities will not be revealed.

I shall ask for a short adjournment so that we can make an application to vary the order of the court.”
Although the judge declined the request to dismiss the charges against Kanu he upheld the argument of Diri that the prosecution witnesses should be given some form of protection by use of a screen.

This was the same Judge who struck out a Secret trial on the 19th of February and then reconsidered it today been the 7th of March.

Judge Judge Tsoho ruled that, the witnesses should be granted a secret trial, which is totally contrary to his former rulings. Many continue to wonder if Judge Tosho really knows what he's doing or has he suddenly gone daft of the justice, the Judiciary needs to uphold? Judge Tsoho should be under investigation for the alleged bribe he collected from president Buhari (N100million scandal).

Judge Tsoho continue to show that he is a willing puppet and a pawn been used by Mohammadu Buhari, to continue frustrating and adjourning the case. Buhari who have vowed that Nnamdi Kanu will be jailed, has found a willing tool in Judge Tsoho, a man willing to do Buhari's bidding.

The Nigeria judiciary is a disgrace and shouldn't even capable and dependable to be able to carry out a justified case in court. It’s now time to know that this case against Nnamdi Kanu will go on forever if allowed, we can no longer folds our hands and watch, hoping that one day, Nnamdi Kanu will receive justice from the Nigeria Judiciary. That won't happen, because the Nigeria Judiciary doesn't have any power against the government of Buhari

The Nigeria Court is a failure and a shame to the rule of law. Judge Judge Tsoho is a man who keeps getting instructions from Buhari on how the case should go on and you expect the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra to receive a fair judgment? We all know the answer to that.

The case has been adjourned to 9th March and a Secret trial will be granted, through the use of screen.


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