Archbishop Of Abuja, Cardinal Onaiyekan

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Archbishop Of Abuja, Cardinal Onaiyekan Blasts Buhari On Disregarding Court Orders, says Release Nnamdi Kanu and Apologise to him

There is no sign that Nigeria has a President ….the problem President Buhari has is that many Nigerians want to continue as they were doing before and they want every­body else to change, but not themselves.”-John Cardinal Onai­yekan, ; The Metropolitan Catho­lic Archbishop of ABUJA has sensationally re­vealed the problems Presi­dent Muhammadu Buhari has.

If you all recall the incumbent president has a long history of a dictator, and NEVER obeys court orders.
He has not CHANGED himself but wish to CHANGE Nigeria.

Democracy is all about the rule of Law. Three times he has disobeyed court orders in less than a year in office .

Disobedience to court orders by those who should protect & ensure it’s compliance slides the Nation to anarchy .

You don’t act illegally, and as an oppressor of the people and expect the people not to Resist such illegality via peaceful non violent resistant protests.
It is wrong to kill unarmed protesters who dare to challenge your dictatorship

It is wrong to deny the wounded medical Care by further going to the hospitals to arrest them .It is wrong to deny outrightly the freedom of choice for a people to decide whether or not they wish to remain within a territory

It is wrong to undermine the constitution of Nigeria which is the bases of the Nigerian Nation and expects people not to resist such via protesting .
For those Supporting Mr President can you please justify why he has refused to obey court orders ?

My dear Mr President M Buhari , it will be in the best interest of the Nation that you obey court orders and apologise to the Nation for the embarrassments you have caused us which have led to peaceful demonstrations in virtually major parts of Southern Nigeria .

It will be in your best interest and in the best interest of the nation to apologise to NIGERIANS to the avoidable deaths of unarmed civilians who were brutally killed by overzealous security agents .

You should in the best interest of of the Nation Set up a truth and Reconciliation Committee and compensate Families of those killed.
You should have obeyed as ordered by the court ; ask your DSS to obey court orders , Release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and tender an unreserved apology to him for the embarrassments you have caused him , his Pregnant Wife , family , and millions of his followers by detaining him and infringing on his rights without good reason

” we are against progress that infringe on the rights of others ” Capt. Sankara


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  1. My lord bishop has said it all.What else did Nigerians want to hear? Nigerians abhor truth but am very happy that men of integrity and honour like my lord bishop Onaiykan still exist in Nigeria and in the world in general. what has Nnamdi kanu done wrong that warrant him being unjustly and unlawfully? Major General Muhamadu Buhari is incurring the wrath of God and when the wrath decend on him he will not survive it

  2. Tyrant Buhari free Nnamdi Kalu #FreeBiafra#

  3. There will always be bold people to speak against the wrong doings of government. quite very interesting ís that those who surround Buhari in the name of P.A, minister and all what not are never and can never be the people to tell him the truth. what do you expect if not the steady praise of every action carried out by Buhari irrespective of its evil. Buhari himself ís the type who abhors anything truthful. of course his core islamic background and mindset cannot but welcome his tyranny in a democratic state. A president in a democratic state who does not know the characteristics and features of democracy cannot but be a total destruction causing disruption to the whole system. what footings has Buhari to ever hold anybody to ransom in this country since whatever that ís considered an Offence ís what goes contrary to the constitution one of which ís not paying and obeying court orders? Buhari ís simply running a government he does not understand. Its good people of great repute speak out his evil against him....if only he would heed.; but at least let evil be condemned. Buhari ís a fool good enough for the zoo lions to feed on....unfortunately, this ís someone heading the government of a country. Biafrans are not involved in this mess called Nigerian government and fundementall we have the right to say NO. our NO remains even with the plot to kill all of us by sending boko haram down to the east and south south in the name of soldiers. LET COURT ORDERS BE FOLLOWED WHILE YOU AS THE PRESIDENT GOES TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCE OF NOT OBEYING COURT ORDERS


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