Tuesday , 1 March  2016

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Political analysts said that the current rise of President Muhammadu Buhari as a cult character may be bad for the country as he may want to pull the cart of development at his impulse.

They say that the increasing agreement now sees Buhari gradually appropriating a superman robe in his administration, while his ministers are fast becoming mere puppets in the presidential villa.

Damian Ogbonna, the national chairman of Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) and Hon. Leo Ogor, minority leader in the House of Representatives have warned on the dangers of transforming Buhari into a cult politician where it seems only him can do no wrong and he alone has solution to all of Nigeria’s challenges

Ogbonna believed that the firm nature of the president will not bring out the best from his ministers. He said: “If what we hear is anything to go by, the president decides everything. As far as I know, the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, everytime they hold, is no longer what people think it to be, it is now more like a window dressing”.

The politician claimed that President Buhari was running a one-man show and that even ministers are frightened to express their views in the open to evade any criticism.

Mr. Ogor expresses the same opinion, stating that the ruling All Progressive Congress, as a party, has just come to understand the enormity of its electoral pledges but instead of bracing up for solutions is seeking easy way out by blaming the immediate previous government.

“Today what we have are men and women of proven inabilities who are being made to look like school children waiting for instructions from their head teacher before they move an inch. And for APC to justify its continuous failing, it has to resort to witch-hunting and harassment of the former president and his party members.

If anybody coughs, it is Jonathan. “If anyone has headache, it is Jonathan. I thought the body language of Mr President was the one that improves electricity. How come his body language has not been able to save the economy or rather bring the naira to a position we probably expected it to be – one naira to the dollar?  We felt that there was a new sheriff in town and the sheriff was going to turn the economy around,” he said.

In his previous incarnation as a military ruler, Buhari took an extremely strong position against corruption and poor performance of public servants. Almost six months after coming to power,

President Buhari on November 11 assigned portfolios to his ministers  at the ministerial inauguration that took place at the presidential villa. Buhari has been criticized for taking his time to appoint his ministers. Meanwhile, he has said appointing ministers “cannot and should not be rushed.”


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