The Buhari Led Administration is way too Fraudulent

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Since i have been hearing of Muhammadu Buhari I have never seen an article where he owned up to anything.."always passing the bulk'' In 1984 when democracy was toppled by a coup of some military officers, we were told that the Head of state Buhari was not part of the coup, he was just a beneficiary. In 1979 when oil money $2.2 was missing under his watch as petroleum minister, we were told that it wasn't his fault that the powers that be i.e OBJ and co took the money. When he was made PTDF chairman and there was massive looting under his chairmanship, we were told to blame his late in law/nephew for the theft. In 2011 when he made the statement "the baboon and the dog shall be soaked in blood if the elections were rigged not in his favor" we were told he was quoted out of context. In 2016 he has blamed GEJ for everything under the sun, from economic woes to men not being able to impregnate their wives. Please when will this President own up to anything? This really says a lot about his character.

This was the end of these cases, we can all see the girls protruding belly by the paedophile leadership led government who its fulani herdsmen are raping and murdering biafrans on daily basis, imagine Ese ORURU'S case of abduction by an islamist sect who are bent on making sure that Biafra is exterminated but have seen there plans failing, Ese ORURU'S abductor who we know to be Emir sanusi paid another to carry the blame, this man paid is said to be a keke Napep driver but is represented by two SAN as lawyers in the case and has been granted bail in the sum of 3million in a case of paedophilia, rape ,kidnap and infringement of personal rights by forceful converting Ese ORURU to Muslim as a Christian.

Thus , who is paying the SAN to represent him in court or can a KEKE NAPEP driver afford to pay two SAN? Who'll bring the 3million to bail him? This is injustice as always seen in Nigerian judicial system, Ese‘s case finally DEAD. I will advise the parents to go home and lick their wounds, take care of daughter because Emir SANUSI cum Yinusa is now free to go. 3million is nothing for the Islamic community anywhere to provide. Emir of Kano & Sharia commission will send the money to anybody who is nobody to get bail for the young man. It is over. Congrats to Yinusa. Go on kidnap more girls, OHANEZE thieves that clamour for One Nigeria are dumb as usual in cases like this because they are only interested in collecting bribe to enrich their greed; Different destinies.

The country is now officially an Arab jungle ruled by Fulani feudalists. Thank God it will not last forever because the emergence of Biafra is a constant threat that will eliminate the Islamic dungeon called Nigeria. Why will this guy not be sentenced, in spite of all the evident and glaring evidence? Well,the aboki emir is involved and their fulani herdsmen are rampaging and their fulani cattle man is in power, The mindset of a demon. The accused is protected by the Laws of the Islamic Council and Nigeria. I will always pray down those who brought Biafrans together with the north.

The Islamists do not have any dine for the rule of law. They do not have value for life. They are always oppressive. They always undermine others, they are paedophiles, murderers, killers, jihadist, sadists, rapists, looters, thieves, To them once you are not an Muslim, let's assume that Ese chose to run away with yellow, yellow is 21, ese is 14, what does the Nigerian constitution say about this scenario? didn't it occur to you that by their "secular" laws Ese doesn't have the right to make that decision for herself without her parents consent and since she doesn't have that right she can't be held accountable under the law but any adult who aids and abets that decision by her without parental consent has committed a crime under the law and if that said adult is sexually involved with her; the crime becomes paedophilia? The world should take cognisance of the height of corruption ravaging this evil country created by Britain, but Biafra restoration is imminent.

Written by Ezekwereogu John
Editor.Obasi                                                                                                                                                         Published by Uchechi Collins
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