Fellow Biafrans it has come to our notice that MTN telecom network is working in collaboration with the nigerian murderous security service to spy on her customers especially biafrans. Information have it that MTN is tapping on customer’s line to monitor every calls,text messages and locations using their network Global Position System(GPS) in order to gather information to hand over to Nigeria security service(DSS).

The gathered information is used to track anyone who they perceived to be working towards the BIAFRA restoration or those sympathetic to the course. And those they think are criticizing Buhari and his evil plans and Also those not in support of HITLER BUHARI and his current govt destructive plans. Every MTN numbers are with DSS, i am warning our people especially hardcore Biafrans to avoid any MTN line completely because it's a killer network.
I advise hardcore Biafrans to destroy all the MTN SIM cards and Phones that the same SIM card have been used because we have noted that all the arrests and trackings were done using MTN platform. Do not save people’s numbers who are using MTN against their names avoid the extrajudicial abductions by the murderous Terrorist Buhari and his terrorist gangs (SSS).

Also if you are using MTN data or Internet to call radio biafra through Skype or whatsapp don't use your phone to call through Skype or whatsapp. What you should do is to use your phone as an Internet hotspot and share the wifi Internet with your laptop or any other smartphone that does not have any MTN SIM card or any information about you. By so doing MTN will not be able to tap your sim card or track your personal information via their Internet service.

#‎MTN Telecom is‬ breaching the Privacy and Confidentiality of ‪#‎IPOB‬ and ‪#‎Biafrans‬.
#BoycotMTN #StaySafe
Please pass this information to all Biafrans!!


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