We’ve recently come across a piece of information we believe you’ll all find surprising and even disturbing to say the least. Starting from December 2016 every newborn baby in Europe will have to be microchipped, meaning that from the moment they’re born and until they day they day their every move will be tracked and monitored. An article published in a Finnish newspaper which was distributed to medical students and doctors there’s no more time to change the direction of mind control technologies and military medicine and we’re starting to lose sight of the future of freedom.

Numerous sources report that: “From December 2016, throughout Europe, every newborn baby will be compelled to take in a subcutaneous RFID chip”

The chip in question will function like a GPS sensor, equipped with a micro-disposable battery which every person will have to get it replaced every two years in a state clinic. The data it transmits will be stored and sent to tablets or smartphones with specially designed apps enabling parents and doctors to monitor the baby’s health and overall state in real-time. What most people fail to see is that this technology is not science-fiction, it’s very real and has already been approved by the FDA for human use. And the scarier thing is that aside from collecting and storing personal information this little chip will be able to perform a plethora of other functions, with no one knowing its full capacity.


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