Justice John Tsoho have proven himself to be nothing but a mere puppet of Muhamadu Buhari and a total disgrace to the Nigerian Judiciary,

A good and competent judge with this high level of professionalism can not bring himself so low for a bag full of money, when he knows that his profession is on the line especially on a high profile case like this.

Justice must run its full course and he should not allow himself to be used neither by Buhari nor by the Devil, the world is watching and we the IPOB are also watching closely.

In a civilised country where a proper law is practiced such Judges like John Tsoho after proving his incompetences by making histrotical U-turn in approving a secret trial which he has previously ruled against in a previous hearing will be stripped off his certificate and sent out the court room, a man like this should be working in a supermarket where goods can be returned for cash if the customer feels so.

This is a clear proof that Nigeria is indeed a lawless state, a country where peaceful protesters are being shot dead by the national armed forces, a country where you can buy a judge to rule a case in your favor, a country where the innocent doesn't get justice and the real criminals drives around in SUV's and convoys, a country where lawmakers keep mute while a "SINGLE MAN" dictates for the court and the entire Nation, a country where its league of judges and lawyers can do little or nothing to save an innocent man from "persecution" instead of "prosecution" , a country where the rule of law is never practiced

The man Tsoho has made himself and his robe a laughing matter, he has proven himself not to be trusted and unworthy to be a judge, he has shown to the whole world to be an incompetent judge and unreliable.

Therefore it is allowed to say that Justice John Tsoho should not remain the presiding judge anymore on Nnamdi kanu's case or any other case brought before the court, infact he should be stripped off his, robe, his wig and his law certificate and sent home to his family and never to return to the court room again.

By Uchechi Collins
For Biafra Writers


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