Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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The most dangerous aspect of money or power is the ability to making one kill his conscience. When your conscience is murdered then humanity is at risk; sometimes, loss of conscience can even make one deny everything sacred. Such is playing out, where because of money and power; a gang of insincere men have chosen to severe ancestry of a people. Our ancestors should not be joked with before they strike you down; let our ancestors be respected and avoid politics with them. Our ancestry remains a sacred root that must not be touched against all odds.

Ben Etaghene a man from Okpe Urhobo and another from Bini Edo called Paul Osuyi; staunch members of APC and also the pillar of Buhari in their respective places. These two men are not proper Anioma native; their origin is not Anioma; Okpe Urhobo and Bini Edo cannot rightly be Anioma and yet they have the audacity to speak for Anioma. On the other hand, Osita Mordi has shown the Biafran DNA by coming out to shun them. Yes the son of the soil has spoken constructively and he has vindicated the great people of Anioma.

On the side of Ifeanyi Okowa, the son of the soil that spoke made it clear that as someone elected under Nigerian government and under oath should not be expected to say things that will affect the government. He is a government and can’t shoot his leg with a pistol. So the comment of Okowa is politically motivated and we should learn to understand our people. Okowa is a Biafran and in many ways he could not deny himself and even when he established that anti-Biafra statement; he was shivering and it can be seen all over him.

I am not here to start all over again as Osita Mordi has done the job; Dr Clifford Iroanya of IPOB also did the job. I want to just wrap it up that we may end this lingering issue. It is advisable to bring to the knowledge of these improper or imposed Anioma representatives; the people cannot be represented or spoken for by men alien to the soil. Traditions forbid it and it will be at their own risk politicizing the gods (ancestors) by way of separating them from their umbilical cord. Let men be cautious of their utterances and positions that are not self-concerned; let the spirit not be dared in the name of politics.

If Anioma is not Biafra then it is either Oduduwa or Arewa and can never be any other thing. Nigeria is the amalgamation of three nations and any other tribe is parented by either Oduduwa, Arewa or Biafra. Hence these men are ready to tell us that Anioma is Arewa or Oduduwa and not Biafra, then they should quickly tell us how Okokon Ndem, Achuzia and Effiong became the leaders of Biafra. I can’t actually decipher what is wrong with the brain of those men; but let me leave the soil to hunt and correct them scoldingly.

When over 1000 Biafrans of Anioma extraction were killed in Benin City during the war; I believe to these men that have been disfigured by politics, the federal troops were killing Nigerians. I have asked myself several times; does Nigerians know who Anioma people are than Anioma know themselves? This shame and disgrace is becoming too much that we cannot bear anymore. If a political group can stand up to make unguarded statement at the risk of severing tradition, ancestry and everything; then it is important to ask; has politics also destroyed our tradition like church destroyed it?

Finally, if men can wake up for the sake of political gain to attempt to destroy or profane a sacred tradition; then what do they teach or pass on to our people and if our people will leave such men without cautioning them; then of what hope is the future of tradition in our land. We must not let some strange men rape our ancestors and separate us from our umbilical cord. The truth remains that in the end, the gods of the land will not only punish the actors but punish every single one of us that kept quiet without defending the gods. The ways of the gods are not ways of men.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Biafra Family Writers


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