Argument by Ndubuisi Anukwuem

The Global Terrorism Index ranks Boko Haram as the most deadly terror organization on earth.
To nullify the scourge of Boko Haram in Nigeria, one must first understand the underpinning ideology and culture of the particular demographic that compose and furnish the terror group. One must also realize that Boko Haram wages an ideological warfare rooted in a religious belief system—to establish an Islamic Caliphate all over British-Nigeria and beyond. Also, that the anti-thesis of radical Islam is not only counter-terrorism, but more so a compelling contrapositive ideology by the endangered peoples (non-Muslims and moderate Muslims) to transcend their vulnerability and resolve to wage a countervailing war against the radical ideologues that are eradicating mutually antagonistic ideologies through terrorism and genocide. Those that advocate dialogue with terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists who at best deploy the Islamic doctrine of “Taqiyya”—whereby Muslims are permitted to use lies and deception to further the cause of Islam—do so out of ignorance and lack of judgment. The contemporary structure of Nigeria however breeds terrorism.

Boko Haram emanates from the Hausa Fulani (Northern Nigerian) culture of primitive wandering, violence, banditry, blood bathing, and apparent disregard for human life. The Hausa-Fulani peoples are raised in deliberately inhumane conditions such that their humanities are stripped away leaving behind only crude savages who prey on others. Education and modernity are discouraged or sabotaged. They practice the Almagiri system of education—theoretically, Almagiri is an Arabic concept where one leaves home to wander about searching for Islamic knowledge—thus, little children, 4 years and up, who ought to be under parental nurturing do not undergo the normative formal schooling, but rather are sent out in the streets hungry, begging, and exposed to every imaginable exploitation and abuse in pretext for seeking Islamic knowledge which in fact they hardly ever get.  At this vulnerable stage, there humanities are stripped, their brains washed, leaving behind cold blooded killers. These children deserve to be rescued by depriving the engineers of this wicked system of everything that keeps it afloat including money, arms, and foreign support.

This culture is deliberately engineered by Sokoto Caliphate Islamists to exacerbate her primitive preeminence over her subjects, and essentially turn them to lethal weapons for grabbing power and all its unethical appurtenances. Thus, since 1945, the Hausa-Fulani extremists of Nigeria have demonstrated and still daily demonstrating an insatiable thirst for blood and Islamic domination. The masses of Hausa-Fulani people then are willing tools engineered by the emirates of Sokoto Caliphate to do the will of their Islamic fundamentalist feudal overlords.

The Boko Haram conundrum is starkly Political with very little to do with quality of life and developmental resources because most of the killings by Hausa Fulani mobs, nomadic cattle herders, and Boko Haram have political undertones, but fueled with insidious Islamism. Harnessing the political powers of the Nigeria quagmire is the key to perpetrating and enforcing the North’s religious, socio-economic, and political vendettas. Hausa Fulani Killings are thus calculated to intimidate those they seek to dominate.

Hausa-Fulani/Boko Haram do not want unity in Nigeria because the vast majority of Hausa-Fulani people want, and factually live under Sharia law; thus, they detest the notion of a Christian president over predominantly Muslim North; and because they can’t compete due to wide spread illiteracy and laziness, they embrace mediocrity, nepotism, and quest for power; thus, breeding every conceivable violence and corruption; and propagating corruption across boards in an effort to either measure up or drag the entire country down to their baseness; hence, all that Hausa-Fulani Boko Haram wants to remain relevant is conquest and domination. To discuss Boko Haram outside the political landscape of Nigeria, then, is to embark on a wild goose chase.

A 2015 poll by the reputable Pew Research Center found that one in five Nigerian Muslims is favorably disposed to the idea of Islamic Caliphate, thus affirming a 2014 Pew Poll which found that roughly 10percent of Nigerian-Muslims, about 9 million Muslims are in favor of Boko Haram. With that many sympathizers, the logistics will always be in Boko Haram’s favor.

But exactly where does Boko Haram fit in the political landscape?

Nigeria fraudulently acts as an Islamic country, and enlists as a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). In 1989, OIC held a summit in Nigeria themed “Abuja Declaration” whereat, among many goals, Islamic fundamentalists of Arab countries and Nigeria resolved to eradicate Christianity.

Thereafter, in 1993, Mushood Abiola from the Southwest was elected president. But because Abiola was not part of the Northern power status quo, the presidential election was traitorously annulled. While fighting for his mandate, the undeclared president-elect was then arbitrarily imprisoned for four years without trial. In 1998, Abiola was released from prison in a casket. Bloody riots ensued in the southwest. In an apparent damage control, Olusegun Obasanjo, another Southwest indigene was rigged into office instead of Abiola.

Obasanjo was preferred because he participated in the Hausa-Funlani-British led genocide of more than 3.5 million Biafrans; and ruled in the late seventies as a military head of State who eventually handed power back to one of the Sokoto Caliphate politicians in 1979.

But a couple years into Obasanjo’s Presidency, the Northern Sokoto Caliphate clique became agitated because he refused to be the puppet they intended to install. The North then sought to undermine his administration by activating the blood thirsty Hausa-Fulani Islamic fundamentalist mobs, and lawlessly declaring Sharia in the 12 core Northern States; then,  unleashed carnage on all who dared to question or resist Sharia law by killing more than 2000 Christians; looting and burning their homes, churches and businesses. From that point on, there has been a deliberate attempt to wipe out Christianity from the North while simultaneously building Islamic schools and mosques, and flooding Hausa-Fulani nomadic terrorist cattle herdsmen, Hausa-Fulani vagabonds, Hausa-Fulani Boko Haram, the Hausa-Fulani army, police, and navy murderers all over the south. While they kidnap and forcibly marry and convert young Biafran Christian girls to Islam; and kill hundreds of Christians in the rural areas with obvious government acquiescence, the Buhari killing squads massacre Biafran Christians who wish to be free from these prowling invaders.

Clearly, Hausa-Fulani oligarchs know that if they openly embarked on all out Islamic jihad, they might lose the support and covering of their colonial puppeteers and destroy any remaining argument for British-Nigeria’s illegitimate existence. Therefore, a special army had to be formed; perhaps an extraterrestrial group seemingly detached from the society; an outlaw army; but sharing the same value system as the North to eradicate Christians, aggressively enable North’s seizure of power, and pursue Islamic expansionism all the while using resources from Biafraland.

Boko Haram then was harnessed by the north to wrest power back to north from the southern Christian president, and to kill Christians so that northern leaders are not blamed for the conspiracy to eradicate Christianity. Hausa-Fulani Boko Haram and Hausa-Fulani terrorist cattle herders takes on the task of aggressively eradicating Christians, gets blamed as Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen; remain well equipped, connected, funded, and supported by top Islamist officials of Nigerian government, nine million Hausa-Fulani sympathizers, and other Mideast Islamic terror networks. The current president of Nigeria for example ranted, as the former president decimated Boko Haram, that “an attack against Boko Haram, is an attack against the North.” Boko Haram once named President Buhari as there go between. Boko Haram enabled Buhari’s election by ruthlessly undermining Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. Buhari has no reason to hate Boko Haram. Buhari is a genocidal Islamic fundamentalist. Buhari kills like Boko Haram. Boko Haram casualties have quadrupled since Buhari became president.  Make no mistake; Buhari’s real headache is by no means Boko Haram.

Boko Haram which means Western education is sin does not kill Hausa-Fulani leaders who relatively embezzle the most money and impoverish their own people and the entire masses of Nigeria; instead, they are killing powerless Christians, kidnapping children, raping preteen and lower teen girls, and killing other nonconforming Muslims. Occasionally, they attack unlikely targets precisely to confound the world.

The Nigeria state neither has moral capacity nor impetus to defeat Boko Haram because the ruling APC party of Nigeria is ostensibly the political wing of Boko Haram. The Nigerian army and police, like their commander in chief, kill exactly as Boko Haram. More than 1000 moderate Shite Muslims were senselessly massacred by the Nigerian army between December 12th and 15th 2015. Nigerian army relentlessly massacre defenseless civilians. Hundreds of peaceably protesting Biafrans have been kidnapped, massacred, and daily being kidnapped, slaughtered, dumped in shallow graves, and doused with corrosive chemicals and then burnt to destroy their identity by the Nigerian government at Buhari’s pleasure. Nigeria’s president and Boko Haram have continued on the same identical paths to kill, pillage and destroy, while blaming Boko Haram disingenuously for carrying out the well understood goal of Sokoto Caliphate and OIC.

Those who supply arms to Nigeria for any reason are inadvertently aiding and abetting genocide of Christians and crimes against humanity.

Boko Haram essentially functions as a wild card or bait to hoodwink the international community, garner international support in spite of Nigeria government’s brazen atrocities: mass killings, mass graves, mass abductions, and human rights abuses; and to solicit funds and weapons which inadvertently equip Boko Haram and their siblings in Nigerian armed forces whose only goal is to subvert democracy, enthrone sharia, go after enemies of northern agenda, and covet the oil and gas fields of Biafra. Nigerian army for all intents and purposes is a rogue terrorist occupying army.

According to Sambo Dasuki, a former national security adviser under Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria army is deployed in 28 out of 36 states, and thus “…more of an internal occupying army than a defender against external aggression.”

In a January 2016 study, Open Doors USA (ODU), a nonprofit organization that help persecuted Christians found that “The headlines focus on the Middle East, but there were more recorded killings of Christians due to their faith in northern Nigeria in 2015 than in the rest of the world put together; 4,028 out of a worldwide total of 7,100 reported deaths.”

No less than 12,000 Christians have been killed, 2 million displaced, and more than 12 thousand churches burnt down. Boko Haram and Buhari are working for the North. The rest of the damages are justified as collateral for Islamic expansionism.

“Both Boko Haram and Hausa-Fulani are carrying out religious cleansing, aiming to eradicate Christianity”, ODU concluded.

Like ISIS, Boko Haram must be confronted with an honest army that is truly against it. Hausa-Fulani cannot be expected to fight against themselves. Buhari cannot fight against his ilk, kith and kin. Boko Haram cannot defeat Boko Haram. It is wicked for Christians who arguably outnumber Muslims in British-Nigeria to endure the onslaught of an unopposed Islamic army, and a government that is not only complicit; incapable of defending unarmed civilians; but one that ceaselessly massacre innocent civilians. ISIS has to contend with the Kurds, Northern Iraq, Hezbollah, Iran, Syrian regime, France, Australia, Canada, Britain, Russia, and USA while Boko Haram, more deadly than ISIS, is left to the whims and caprices of an irredeemably corrupt and conniving rogue state, and a quiet international community even as human beings are daily slaughtered like chicken in Nigeria.

Here is the conundrum—the entire core Islamic states of Nigeria are already practicing Sharia law in subversion of Nigeria’s supposedly secular constitution.
The Islamic fundamentalists already have what Boko Haram is rampaging for, but their eyes are set on the oil and gas fields of Biafra. The extremist Hausa-Fulani Boko Haram are exterminating, raping, and terrorizing Biafrans who incidentally are Christians, to covet their land, oil resources, and to satisfy OIC’s agenda of Islamic expansionism in Africa.

Therefore, the first step to defeating Boko Haram is to deprive the very abusive army and police of Nigeria weapons in respect of extant international laws, United Nations Arms Embargo on conflictual or high tension countries, United Nations Human Rights conventions, and United States Leahy Law because Nigeria habitually use such weapons against civilian populations; and because many of such weapons end up with Boko Haram terrorists; then, simultaneously support and equip Biafra Independence Volunteer Army (BIVA), (currently unarmed), and then watch Boko Haram unravel or be crushed.

In short, only an independent state of Biafra has the moral and existential imperatives, as well as the contrapositive ideology to defeat Boko Haram and their sponsors. To eradicate Boko Haram, then, Biafra must immediately delineate her territories from Nigeria whose government apparatuses are fully compromised and infiltrated with Boko Haram sympathizers and agents. Biafrans are Christians who have everything at their disposal to be a viable independent nation, but are treacherously entangled in an irreconcilable contraption with peoples she shares absolutely no commonality. There is no reason that the most wretched, inept, dependent, illiterate, and barbaric tribe in Nigeria is also the most empowered by the West, ungrateful, intolerant, and the most murderous. Biafrans wish to protect their territory, not by corrupt Boko Haram army and police of Nigeria, but strictly by Biafran armed forces that must also defend the endangered Christians.

There is also no reason to drag Biafrans (99 Percent Christians) in southeast Nigeria into Hausa-Fulani Boko Haram bloody culture and Islamic terrorism. Let Boko Haram dwell among themselves!

In fact, all that Nigeria is and claims to be, all her hyped up status as the Giant of Africa, the richest country in Africa, the largest economy in Africa, the largest oil exporter in Africa; and all her thriving markets, and top academia are indubitably by and of Biafrans who are systemically marginalizes and killed out of jealousy induced hatred not unlike Nazi hatred of Jews.  Nigeria rides on Biafra’s back. Most conscientious Biafrans have resolved to reject any and everything that has to do with Nigeria. The Hausa Fulani Boko Haram already have an Islamic State with functioning Sharia law in the northern part of Nigeria; Biafra must now take full control of her destiny, and defend her borderers from the marauding armies of Sokoto Caliphate which includes but not limited to Boko Haram, nomadic cattle herders; Islamic fundamentalist  saturated Army, Navy, Police, and Air-force. These forces are terrorists driven by conquest instead of patriotism in all its ramifications.

Finally, the only way to stop Boko Haram is to aggressively support the restoration of the independent state of Biafra. Boko Haram and the North will then be forced to stop fantasizing about Islamizing the Christians in the Southeast by terror and genocide. For the rest of the world, putting economic interest above human life, values, and morals amounts to crimes against humanity.

“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of [genocide] and injustice; we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”

Ndubuisi Anukwuem


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