Nbaka Rev fathr alhaji

Exactly this time last year, Mohammed Mbaka was reigning praises on his brother the president of the zoo Nigeria, muhammadu Buhari, telling the world that this terrorist, child rapist Buhari was that Messiah he Muhammad Mbaka has being praying for, after intimidating Good Luck Jonathan. Alahji Mbaka openly declared the past administration under Good Luck Ebere Jonathan as bad luck to Nigeria. He decleared that The peadophile is the amour of change and the world messiah Nigeria and Nigerians needed to have a better country.

EJIKE MBAKA Well his prayers has been answered, so what has been the outcome? Muhammad mbaka are u aware that the same Messiah wants you to bow to their Baal? Are you aware that this Messiah has issued license for you to preach? Are you aware that he has banned you from celebrating Easter? Are you aware that your Messiah has banned the production of Christian music, preaching on DVD, CD, VCD etc, even when he know that you are a victim? Are you aware that your Messiah has started islamizing your country?

Mbaka, when GEJ was there did he restrict you from practicing your religion? Hope you now realize your mistakes? If by now it has not dawn on you that you are now automatically a Muslim, it means you are blind. Today in Enugu where you reside, people are living in fears all because of this Messiah of yours. You commanded him for winning boko haram, but just few days ago, boko haram strikes again leaving scores dead. You called Biafra protest evil but today it's the same Biafra that will save you from being an Islam if you believe.

We are still waiting for more change because the worst is yet to come. My prayer is for you to learn your lessons and come back to God, if not, you will be the next victim. Churches are being demolished at the north, but it seems you are not worried because it has not approached you yet. Remember the Catholics at the northern part of the country. Remember your members, relations world wide. If you don't speak against this your Messiah, you will soon become his prey in no distance time. A word they say, is enough for the wise.

By..Emmanuel precious,
Editor.Udeagha Obasi
for UmuChiukwu Writers


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