By Chijioke Ifeanyi

For Family Writers

I have been quiet for a period of time now, but I found it disturbing when I read the news of DHQ to investigating the Biafran genocide that took place in Aba. The combined force of military, police and navy stormed IPOB prayer ground; circled peaceful men and women like a hovering hawk. They came in a war formation, I watched the video as tears trickled down. They were trained for war and they waged war against unarmed Biafrans; juggling to take strategic position with their rifles. Laying unnecessary ambush and taking cover to assault their targets; those targets were unarmed women and men praying to their God. After this, without being known they were captured in camera, they denied that anybody was killed. When pressed further, they said they killed two Biafrans because Biafrans attacked school children. When the video of everything that transpired went viral on internet; shame could not allow them hide again but for being Nigerians; they could not apologize. The reality is no amount of apology will stop justice that is imminent.


On the 09-02-2016 10 unarmed peaceful Biafrans were shot dead at Aba by the Nigeria Army

After this genocide was carried out; we had thought their conscience will judge them to desist from further attack on Biafrans; disappointedly, they continued the attack. They shifted their base to Aba, so they can sufficiently wreck havoc. They beat and molest Biafrans; seize and arrest vendors for selling newspaper containing Biafra news. They force Biafrans to disappear and mass grave was subsequently found out; where kidnapped and arrested Biafrans were disposed with chemical weapon. As at today and this moment I am on this topic, Biafrans are disappearing and under military assault/ clamp down.

                                          Buhari refuses to watch shooting of unarmed Biafrans

The chief of armed forces; who is the president of Nigeria; in the person of Muhammadu Buhari has shown and proved that he ordered the killing of innocent Biafrans. It is disheartening that while he is supporting Western Sahara and Palestine people with the oil-money that belongs to Biafrans; he is killing Biafrans like worthless men and infidels we are to him. In his interview with Aljazera; he vehemently opposed watching the video of what he commanded his soldiers to do. I knew he was trying to beat his conscience; upon refusing the footage; he warned Biafrans never to dare his army or he would do worse. He also stated that he won't tolerate Biafrans. This is clear evidence that the murder was ordered by him and the soldiers having shown loyalty; I wonder what else the interviewer wanted from him. Buhari really gave a perfect answer and body language. Now is clear he was who ordered the genocide then it is mockery of highest order, him investigating himself.

This injustice against Biafrans must be put to a halt. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere; we have done nothing against the world to deserve this mockery and intimidation. We are losing hope everywhere but on this note; it is clear to state that our last hope is the ICC at Hague. Nigerian courts and system have denied us fair hearing and justice and we cannot continue this mockery. They still hold our leader who is the reason we will die more and tell us they are investigating. We need no investigation but the release of our leader and then allow the court to dispense justice.

What exactly is it that will come out of this investigation? After killing us premeditatedly; you come back again to premeditatedly investigate us. What is the investigation all about? Buhari ordered his soldiers to kill us and they have killed us. It is important to know that we want nothing from Nigerian government if not release our leader. Stop mocking Biafrans and our dead with your so-called investigation that will bear no fruit; take this time you are wasting and prepare for the Hague.


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