March  01,   2016


A catholic priest has taken leave from the priesthood after being filmed snorting a line of cocaine in a room that appears to hold Nazi memorabilia.

Video footage obtained by the Sun on Sunday shows Father Stephen Crossan sniffing the class-A drug with a rolled-up £10 note at his home in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

The 37-year-old seems to say the words “I shouldn’t” as he snorts a line of white powder arranged on a plate.

A statement from the bishop of Dromore said he had no knowledge of the incident, the BBC reports.

A source told the Sun on Sunday the incident happened after Fr Crossan and a group of friends left a near-by party in July 2015.

The source added they found Nazi memorabilia at Fr Crossan’s home, located in the grounds of St Patrick's Church, including flags, hats and a eagle with a swastika on a plinth. They told the paper: “We were stunned to see the Nazi stuff. It was all over the house."

Responding to the allegations, Fr Crossan, who no longer lives at the parochial house, told the paper he did take the drugs but it was “just the one night and that was it.”

He added he was not a Nazi and collected historical items from all countries.

Fr Crossan also said he had been on sick leave with depression when the video was taken and had since left the church. It is understood he still being backed by the parish.

Bishop of Dromore John McAreavey said in his statement Fr Crossan has requested and been granted leave from his duties at Seapatrick parish in May 2015 and is receiving counselling.

At the beginning of February 2016, the statement said the priest had asked for an extended leave of absence from the priesthood

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