The Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Dr Samuel Uche, has said that the Buhari administration has a grand plan to Islamize Nigeria and that the government was enabling Fulani herdsmen to exterminate Christians by not checking their activities.

Uche said, “We are closely watching this government because we are aware there is a gameplan to Islamise Nigeria, and they are using the Fulani herdsmen to initiate it before they fully launch it out. But I tell you there is going to be serious resistance from Christians. If they think they can use the Fulanis to exterminate us, then they have failed. Look at what is happening in Benue State and all over Nigeria, the herdsmen will just invade a community and wipe out every living creature there before they set the place ablaze. Infact, the issue of Fulani herdsmen is now worse than Boko Haram.

“We cannot fold our arms and watch these herdsmen continue killing our people like this. The activities of Fulani herdsmen have never been so pronounced like under this government.

”The issue of insecurity is so alarming and growing worst every day, innocent people and even men of God are being kidnapped at will on daily basis and ransom collected with little or no challenge from anywhere.”



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  1. What is stopping the Christians from carrying arms as well. Remember they tried it during babangida's regime and the Christians stood up to them. THIS SHOULD NOT BE ANY DIFFERENT.


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