Biafrans Protests, younglady killed

Have you taken time to review the willingness of Biafrans in their quest to ensure and restore the republic of Biafra that has taken over the past few months? Do you know that despite the killings and murder we have fallen into building us more stronger and made us formidable, infact the more they kill us the more we are even hungrier for Biafra restoration.

BUHARI knows he is fighting a war he will never win and and for the fact that he (BUHARI) has defiled and floated court orders to make sure he murders Nnamdi Kanu and all IPOB held hostage in buhari's hidden dungeon.

The world must bear witness to this ill-fated maltreatment biafrans have received because they want self determination which is a universal law, how can we sing the lords song in a strange land.

Please lord let the words and prayers of our heart ever remain acceptable to you. Biafra Restoration is imminent and assured by God . However it is and will always be on record that Nnamdi kanu's unlawfully detention and murdering of biafrans all over the world is unconstitutional hence BUHARI claims to respect law but has displayed tyranny instead and the karma that will befall him will be ever excruciating and inflict pain to whosoever that is against Biafra.

This is a divine mandate and that is the only reason we have remained resolute and formidable. So let buhari's know that God is with Biafrans and fully supports our course because it is just and upright.

By..Ezekwereogu John
Editor..Udeagha Obasi
For....UmuChiukwu writers


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