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LEADER of Niger Delta Volunteer People's Force, Alhaji Mujahid Asari Do­kubo, has called on the Fed­eral Government to release the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, who has been detained since October 2015.

He said Kanu should be released and allowed to continue working towards the restoration of Biafra, be­cause, according to him, he has done nothing wrong.

“Kanu did not commit any crime by calling for self-determination and he should be freed.
“It is never a crime to call for self-determination, thus, he should be freed. Biafrans have to put away their differences and make sure he comes out.

When I was in detention, Igbo came together to bring me out. Nnamdi has done tremen­dously well and has shown resoluteness in the Biafran struggle. Our goal is our in­dependence and the good of our people.

“IPOB should extend their campaign to every re­gion in Biafraland and not just Igboland. The Biafra gospel should be preached everywhere and people should be told why they should fearlessly join in this movement.” He lauded IPOB and Kanu for coming this far in their struggle. “It is our collective re­sponsibilities that will make Biafra restoration a success.

“The Biafra struggle is for everyone and no one can do it all alone, thus, ev­eryone should do away with differences and come to­gether to make sure Kanu is freed and Biafra is restored. Leadership should not be our interest now; everyone should focus on our goal, which is the restoration of the sovereign state of Bi­afra.
“Any Biafran who wants to deny the fact that Kanu catalysed this quest for Bi­afra independence is lying to himself; it is an obvious truth.
“This is not time to nurse grudges against one another so that our enemies will not take advantage of it and then use it against us.
“ I urge every Biafran to be strong and also call for the release of our brother, Kanu,” he affirmed.

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  1. Leonards Onyekwere17 March 2016 at 18:56

    Asari Dukobo, nwanne, today I rejoice because it is a day that G-D has made, so I am rejoicing and I am glad knowing that the people of Biafra have come to the realization that no other people can guard our destiny more than ourselves. The lies and propaganda of Nigeria apologetic, has become too transparent, that it is laughable that they are still using them on us.
    Our G-d is on our side, and the host of heaven are unleashing spiritual warfare against our enemies. Although, their hearts are still hardened against Biafrans, take comfort in knowing that it is only for a little while, until the chain of plagues the All-Powerful has lined-up for them are concluded.
    Yahweh is in control. Biafra lives!


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