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The National Coordinator of the Pro-Buhari group called “IStandwithBuhari”, Mr. Mustapha Ramalan, has on Saturday, March 19, resigned amidst protest and bickering.

In his letter of resignation, which was made available to the press, Ramalam said he had to step down, because he was not convinced on the path being toed by the organisation.

Recall, that Ramalan was appointed as the National Coordinator of the President Muhammad Buhari image laundering organisation “IStandwithBuhari” on March 6.

The reason for organising the proposed nine million man march was to acquaint Nigerians with the policies of the Buhari-led government and drum support for the president.

Although, several reports indicate that almost 10 months to Buhari’s tenure, he has been gasping for breath on how to stabilise the economy which is in near comatose.

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On Ramalan’ s reason for resignation, he said: “Having led the organisation these past couple of weeks, I have reached a hard and inevitable decision of stepping down as its national coordinator with immediate effect.
“If i must lead the organisation, I must be convinced more than anyone, on the path we chose for ourselves,” he said.

When contacted by Premium Times, he confirmed his resignation, saying he was not comfortable with the way some decisions were taken in the group, especially with regard to the proposed nine million-man pro-Buhari march.

A close ally to Ramalan, Mr Abdullahi Aliyu, also confirmed the resignation by saying that the group’s leader canvassed a postponement of the planned march, but that he was overruled.
“Mr. Ramalan is of the opinion that the nine million-man pro-Buhari march should be postponed, because the government is still trying to pick up and hence should be given more time to justify the nine million-man march. Not this time,” Aliyu said.


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