When the Governor of Lagos state Akinwunmi Ambode ordered the demolition of the ladipo main market where mostly Igbo traders run their businesses it was a sad moment all around and sad mood for the ill fated traders who have put too much into the region.
It is a well accepted fact that Biafrans are mostly hard working entrepreneurs and businessmen. Igbos run businesses and dominate the major markets in Lagos, counting from the Alaba International Market, Idumota, Balogun and Mandilas, Oshodi Market, Ladipo market and any other major market you can think of.

Contrary to the Yoruba's who are somewhat indolent and prefers working for people and getting paid, Igbos are risk taking traders who take the bull by the horn. This attribute however has paid the Igbos over the years as attested to by Oba Akiolu when he threatened to drown the Igbos in Lagoon.

He said "If any one of you goes against Ambode who I picked to be governor of Lagos state, the person is going to die inside this water. If it doesn’t happen within seven days, just know that I am a bastard and it's not my father who gave birth to me.

For the Igbos in Lagos, when they were coming to the state, they didn’t come with all their houses. But now they have properties in the state. So they must do my bidding. I am not begging anybody, but what you people cannot do in Onitsha, Aba or anywhere you can not do it here.

If you do what I want, Lagos will continue to be prosperous for you, if you go against my wish, you will perish in the water...”

The above statement is centred on economic superiority. Did the Igbos stop the Yorubas from building their own houses and owning their own properties? Did the Igbos hinder the Yorubas from building their own businesses?

Why would Oba Akiolu be offended by the economic success of the Igbos, to the extent of trying forceful intimidation and threat on Biafrans living in Lagos? However, with the intervention of ICC and other human right bodies, the drowning of Igbos by the deluded Oba of Lagos was prevented.

On that note they (the Lagos government and Leadership) resolved to cripple Igbos economically. So they started wedging an economic war against the Igbos. On Wednesday, January 6, the Lagos state government demolished the Owonifari Market at Oshodi which is over 99% Igbos, while the owners of the shops were still on Christmas holiday.


The market which has been in existence for more than 40 years was demolished in the early hours. It was learnt that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode was also present when the demolition began.

As though that is not enough damage to Igbos, A section of Ladipo Market in Odo-Aladura which is also 99% Igbos, Mushin area of Lagos State, was on Wednesday, March 9, invaded by armed thugs, who demolished over 2,000 shops and destroyed and carted away with goods worth millions of naira.

The area mostly affected is the Bakassi Zone, where one of the contenders to a portion of the market, the Owoyemi family, allegedly used touts to carry out the demolition. Eyewitness reports had it that thugs came in company of security personnel with an unmarked Black Maria around 3a.m. to demolish the market.



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