We  Will Blow-up More Oil Installations This Month if Buhari dare us.

February  23,  2016

[caption id="attachment_62" align="alignnone" width="652"]Militant Niger Delta Militant[/caption]

WARRI—  Militant group which claimed responsibility for blowing up the Forcados Terminal Pipeline in Delta State recently, has again served a notice of  more attacks on oil installations in the region until the Federal Government addresses their demands

The group, issued  a statement  in Warri, saying that it was prepared to reduce Nigeria’s daily oil production and supply to zero barrel if its agitation was ignored.


“The same factor that brought about the Niger Delta arms struggle is fast resurfacing as the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is poised to exterminate Niger Delta people for being benevolent enough to allow the nation’s mono-economy thrive on our oil"


“We are being oppressed and pushed to the wall on various fronts, which is why we have picked up the challenge to be the outlaws this government will have to contend with till daily production of oil is reduced to zero in the Niger Delta, so government can use the oil from the North to run Nigeria’s mono-economy."

“We believe that Nigeria can practice true federalism where our resources will be controlled by us and used for our own good. The reverse is the case today, where the goose that lays the golden egg is killed along with the egg,” they said

The militants from the so called Niger Delta region has for long been fighting for the emcipation of thier land and people, previous Presidents of nigeria has granted amnesty to the group sometime in the past after they took up arms to defend their rights of demands


Reports have it clear that the group are ready to take up arms again and this time wil not drop it until their demands are concidered by the Federal Government.





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