February  29,  2016

Kuwaiti AMb

the State of Kuwait is endowed with abundant natural resources, making it a key player on international affairs. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Sharrah is the Ambassador of Kuwait to Nigeria. He is a seasoned diplomat who has worked in various countries.

In this interview with JOHN OKEKE, he extols Nigeria’s efforts in the fight against terrorism and expresses his country’s desire to assist in the development of Africa among other sundry issues.

Your Excellency, what are your aspirations regarding the bilateral relations between Ni­geria and the State of Kuwait?

As a matter of fact, Nigeria has a unique place in the pri­orities of Kuwait’s diplomacy; its position, population, endow­ment with natural resources made it an attraction to policy makers and investors.

Its re­gional and international roles are very much commendable. Our diplomatic ties with the Federal Republic of Nigeria are indeed distinguished and broth­erly relations, deeply rooted and dating back to the sixties.

It in­cludes wide range of coopera­tion in various fields; this coop­eration was well consolidated in the near past by the visit of the former Nigeria Vice president, to the State of Kuwait In No­vember 2013, when he attended the 3rd African-Arab Summit.

These distinguished relations witness continuous and fruitful cooperation in all the interna­tional organizations such as the UN, OPEC, and other world or­ganizations. It also covers mutual exchange of experiences between the two countries as well as the presence of many Nigerians ex­perts in different fields such as medicine, education and many others. My country also offers scholarships to Nigerian Stu­dents, officially or through other charity institutions.



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