February  27,  2016



The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution endorsing the cessation of hostilities between parties in the Syrian conflict, except for terrorist groups. New peace talks might reconvene as soon as March 7, if the agreement "largerly holds."

Under resolution 2268, a ceasefire across Syria begins at 00:00 Damascus time (22:00 GMT).

It demands that all parties taking part in the cessation of hostilities “fulfil their commitments,” which mainly includes ceasing attacks, as well as airstrikes, refraining from acquiring territory, and granting access to humanitarian aid.

By agreeing to the US-Russia brokered ceasefire, all parties are also committing to an early release of detainees, particularly women and children, as well as to comply with the resolution’s request to resume the UN-facilitated negotiations.

“The terms say that any party to the cessation of hostilities will be able to bring a violation to the attention of the ISSG ceasefire task force—either through the Office of the Special Envoy or directly to Russia or the US as co-chairs,” the resolution reads.

Proposed by the Russian and US Presidents, the resolution urges all countries, and those involved in the Syrian peace process in particular, to “use their influence with the parties to the cessation of hostilities to ensure fulfillment of those commitments.”



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