February  27,  2016

Arsen Avakov
Ukraine is training a special unit to help Kiev retake Crimea, the country’s Interior Minister said, as President Poroshenko mulls building up its military along the peninsula’s borders. In Crimea, officials warn the “unlawful” invasion would be repelled.

“We have nothing. We need a new army, a new National Guard, a new police force. This is what the government of Ukraine is working on right now. We must restore all of this, and then, with enough will, Crimea will be ours,” Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s Interior Minister, told the Ukrainian 1+1 TV Channel, asserting, “I have no doubt of that.”

In fact, the Ukrainian minister said that Kiev is presently training a special force, separate within the National Guard.

“We are training some guys with the help of Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov (Crimean Tatar activists in Ukraine),” he said, while giving no details, adding, “We are working on a project that will prepare us to regain Crimea.”

On Friday, President Petro Poroshenko tasked the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Armed Forces to draft proposals on reinforcing the border between Ukraine and Crimea.

“The Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been told to submit proposals on a considerable buildup of Ukraine’s defense capabilities in the Kherson region and along the entire Black Sea coast,” the presidential press service said in a press release.

The move’s main purpose is to counter the Russian Army’s growing capability in Crimea, Poroshenko said.


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