February  25,   2016

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“Niger Deltans are beginning to ask questions on who and why Adaka Boro was murdered. They are also aware that Ken Saro Wiwa who believed in the friendship with the North was mercilessly murdered by the same people he fought for. Odi was wiped out in the worst genocide in our time and no one said a damn thing; yet you claim you love those people?”

It was about 8:45am and everyone was seated in the court room waiting for the arrival of the Judge. Nnamdi Kanu was already seated with two of his comrades. I went to greet him and assure him of the people’s support of his cause. I must say that the young man was in good spirit and very hospitable.

On my side was a DSS officer who engaged me in a long dialogue that seemed friendly but filled with bitter anger towards Ndigbo and all that are agitating for Biafra nation. He started by asking me about a young man he spotted that looked very angry and agitated. Obviously he wanted to know about that young man. Hence he asked if I knew him. I said no because I didn’t know that young man.

DSS: Do you know that man?

Me: I don’t know him.

DSS: Are you a member of IPOB?

Me: No I am not a member of IPOB. I am a member of Biafra Foundation and we all work together for the same cause.


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