February   24,   2016



The Abia State government has banned any form of demonstration or street protests in Aba or any other part of the state.

This call, came after information had it that, Dr. Alex Otti, will storm Etche Road, in Aba for a thanksgiving service, tomorrow over the last governorship election in April 2015.

Following his oncoming appearance, the Abia State government led by Governor Ikpeazu issued a ban on a street demonstration and other form of protest.

The statement made available by the Abia state minister of information, Hon. Bonnie Iwuoha, reads in part:

Abia State government wishes to remind all citizens that the ban on illegal assemblies, procession, demonstrations and protest, is still in force.

Therefore, any gathering in any part of Abia State, that could disrupt the peaceful and convivial atmosphere prevailing in the State will not be tolerated.
All heads of Primary and Secondary schools in the State, Education Secretaries, as well as the Management oF ASUBEB, are to ensure that no school premises in Abia State is used by any person, group or organization for illegal gathering.

Any school head that allows the use of his school environment for illegal gathering in whatever name, will be punished. The Police and other law enforcement agencies are directed to ensure compliance to this order.

All law abiding citizens are advised to go about their normal business and ignore distractions.
Parents are advised to caution their children. Any suspicious movement or gathering should be reported to the nearest Police immediately.

Bonnie Iwuoha, Hon. Commissioner for Information and Strategy.


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