February  25,    2016   11:46 PM



IBTimes UK spoke with human rights activist and former political prisoner Ebenezer Akwangaon the struggle for independence in Southern Cameroons. Akwanga alleged that human right abuses against pro-independence activists in Southern Cameroons are common.

In 1997, Akwanga was imprisoned and tortured in Cameroon for six years due to his political activism. He is now the president of the Southern Cameroons Youth League.

Akwanga believes his people might ally with pro-Biafrans in south-eastern Nigeria, who are alsofighting to gain independence. "Political sequences took place which affected our culture, language, traditions, everything that makes us a people," he said


"Around 1984 the Cameroon Anglophone Movement started. It was first looking for a return to a federal system of governance and later on became the Southern Cameroon Restoration Movement"


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