February  27,   2016



An explosion has reportedly occured at  the Millennium Plaza opposite the Nigeria National Petroleum Commission (NNPC)  Towers in Central Area of Abuja.

The Plaza which  houses Punch Newspapers, Zenith and Skye Banks and various offices was said to have been hit by the explosion at about 3pm,

Staffs and wokers  were seen running out of the buiding and seeking for help, no one has been killed but a few others have been in jured

As at the time of filing this report, the Plaza was still on fire with people running in different directions to escape the inferno. The cause of the explosion is yet to be ascertained.

Meanwhile there have been suicide bombings and explosion in the capital in the past, where scores of people  was reportedly  killed and injured.

The terrorists group "Boko Haram" was said to be behind the attacks after the group claimed responsibilites for several bombing attacks in the country's capital.



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