February  27,    2016


Boko Haram militants again stormed Gulak, the administrative headquarters of Madagali in the Nothern part of Adamawa state, North Eastern Nigeria in bid to take control of the territory from the Federal government.

The militants set ablaze a military base and artilleries. reports have it that the insurgents came around 7pm on Sunday, November 29, and engaged the Nigerian troops in a fierce battle

They came in three vehicles brandishing guns, and burnt down a military base together with three artilleries carting away large amounts of weapons and artileries
“They came around 7 pm and started firing on the soldiers during which all the soldiers ran away.

There was pandemonium, people scampered for their lives, many slept in bushes, they killed one soldier during the fierce battle. “Our local vigilantes had tried by staying back, until another troops were deployed from Madagali town and Shuwa, they engaged them, if not they would have recaptured the town for the second time,” said James Ularamu, s former chairman of Madagali.

A former council chairman and a local vigilante, who requested anonymity, said there was a heavy gun battle. “After we chased them away they fled to the nearby Sambisa area,” a local vigilante who witness the scene added.

Army spokesperson has not made any official announcements yet, however, a member representing the area at the house of Representatives, Adamu Kamale, confirmed the attack. The state commissioner of information, Ahmed Sajo, said additional troops had been deployed to the area.


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