February   23,  2016



Things have fallen apart and the center no longer holds in Nigeria. The man of the people has give us great expectation and clearly told us "weep not child, weep not my people" Like Gulliver, we are in a sojourn to take back our land but these soldier ants surrounding us are hindrances we have to overcome.

If we become careless and tactless, we may need a reborn to become mayors of Biafra land. We are in our era and God has risen to the occasion for us, he will fight our battle with disregard to Nigerian baseless efforts. God never lies, nor fails but always wins, therefore he has given us a modern Joshua to steer us to the promised Land.; Biafra.

The he presently resides in the enemy's camp, we are not under any illusion if he will be victorious, for we know that He who is with him is more than a great multitude, not even the Nigeria Army.

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